Cake Smash Run Through


Hello potential client! I wanted to make sure that everyone is really comfortable before we do our shoot, so I thought I would make a page that talks about what is involved with the photoshoot. 

The best time of day to do a photoshoot is fairly recently after a nap. However, having my own little girl, I definitely understand that nap schedules can change all of the time! Therefore, as long as the day we have booked is not in high demand (performing multiple shoots that day) I will touch base with you two weeks ahead of the shoot and we can discuss the time that it will take place at that point. I will also give you a small questionnaire (which you can also find on this site) about the baby's milestones. I like to make up a small milestones board, and get a picture of the baby holding that as well... after all, they worked hard in their first year to learn all these new things!

On the day of the shoot, dress the baby in clothes that you don't mind getting a bit messy. It is also best for you to dress in "get messy" clothes too, as if your little one wants cuddles there is a chance of getting some cake on you as well. The studio will be fully set up and ready for when you arrive. There will be a couch to sit on if you wish. You are also free to use the couch to breastfeed if you wish/need to. I have a completely open breastfeeding policy, however if you wish to have privacy, let me know and I can arrange a private space for you. A lot of parents also find it nice to sit over in the set area with me, that way we can all work as a team to bring out a nice playful mood in the baby. 

I fully encourage bringing any favourite toys that make your baby smile. We will do our best to keep it clean! I do have toys here as well that they are more than welcome to play with, especially while we get the business stuff out of the way. Before the shoot, I do require a release form to be signed. It states things such as me having the rights to use images for promotions, but also holds me to a promise of discretion and an honour code when using images- I want us all to be safe and comfortable! Unfortunately, these forms are a legal requirement for my records, however any questions that you have I will be more than happy to answer. The paper signing usually takes around 5 minutes, and you are given a copy of it and an invoice for your own records as well.

Once all of the legal things are out of the way, we can start to have fun! I first do some images of just the baby with the props that I provide (including a milestones board). After that, I will do a couple images of just the cake, before we do the big smashing. After that, we sit your baby on the floor with the cake between them, and get them to play around in it. After a little bit of them playing in the cake, I will break it up a bit to help them get into it and really get messy! Once we have those images, I take pictures of the destroyed cake, and pictures of the cake covered baby. 

A lot of babies are shy- that is okay! We can encourage them by miming what to do and giving them little tastes of the icing. Sometimes there are tears- that is also okay! The new experience of being put somewhere with lights around them might seem a little bit much at first. Normally they will relax and get into the fun of the shoot. I encourage lots of cuddles, silly songs, or a bottle/breast feeding session to help them relax.

Once all is said and done, we get the baby cleaned up and put back into a clean outfit. Don't worry about any of the cleanup- I handle all of that myself! You'll be able to leave with a cherished memory, a little take-away gift for your special one-year old, and beautiful pictures will soon follow!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me! I would love to be able to put together an "FAQ" section, and absolutely no question is a bad one to ask!

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to work with you, your baby, and give you a day you'll never forget! Until next time!