The Sweetest of Boy

Hello everyone! 

Well, we have officially launched! Thank you to everyone who has played a part in this journey so far. I am super excited to see where this business can take me. Hoping to have you all on the full journey, experiencing it all beside me! 

Speaking of exciting things, I had a very exciting photo-shoot this past Monday! I got to do a cake smash for a very, very sweet little boy Rowan! Rowan had just turned one year old on April 11th. A few days after that, his mom and I connected to talk about doing a cake smash photoshoot for him. As per my promises, when they showed up I had a full set, complete with decorations and a special surprise (which I'll talk about later). 

I was lucky enough to have both Michelle and her husband in attendance for the shoot. This meant that I got to see the beauty of how part of their little family (their two other sons were at a playdate) works, and it was amazing. Rowan was a bit upset at first, which is understandable... it is hard to be so cute and have all these lights pointed at you! It is a completely new experience for him, so I encouraged Mommy and Daddy to try and cheer him up in whatever way normally works. They sang the most adorable little song they had made up for him, gave him lots of cuddles, and Michelle gave him a nice good breastfeed, and he was good to go! 

Something that I didn't really anticipate was him not really "getting into" the cake. It took a bit of convincing, and he didn't really get as messy as I thought he would, but he did get himself nice and blue. Turns out he's just not a super messy kid. I will have to reflect on the shoot and see if I can think of fun little ways to help get babes more covered, but at the end of the day I also don't want to push them past what they are comfortable with. 

Overall though, Rowan did absolutely amazing. I got some amazing photographs that I hope Michelle and her husband love as much as I do. I can't wait for my next cake smash photo-shoot! 

Thank you again, and I really hope you liked reading this! Until next time! 


The Start of Something Special

Hello everyone! Welcome to Rosebud Images! 

I would like to announce the start of my Photography business! It has been a long couple weeks of planning, setting up, and getting ready, however I am finally in a place to start. I now have a home studio, a small amount of equipment, and a beautiful set of babies that I will be photographing over the next few weeks! Keep an eye out for some images from those shoots!

Now, I would like to say that this business is still new, and under construction. However, I am committed to giving it absolutely everything I have got. My daughter has been an amazing little test subject, as I tested out new equipment, hung up my backdrops, and got everything put together. Not all of the galleries have examples in them, but I am still working on getting it all up and working. 

Please, in the meantime, feel free to message me with any comments, questions, or bookings. I promise to get back to you nice and quickly! 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you like what you see!

Until next time!